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My Journal (Hidden Treasures)

(Let me first say that this blog will have entries that are freshly written without planning or forethought. This is an effort to get to exactly what I'm thinking and feeling at that moment. So, forgive me for typos and grammatical errors, etc.)

I understand that we are more than what others see. What people know of you is based on what they've seen from you. From that perspective, they make assumptions and judgments that don't necessarily align perfectly with the truth. The truth is that they are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. It's impossible for any one person to know every aspect of your character. They are not privy to every struggle, to every decision, to every mistake. They cannot really know you, because you don't really know you either. At least, not yet. You can't know something that is continually changing. The older you get, the wiser you get (hopefully). The things you've done before, now seem trivial and stupid. It's important to know that God has hidden treasures in each of us. Those treasures are there, hidden behind doubt, pain, and low self-esteem. The Bible speaks about a woman named Mary who broke an alabaster box filled with perfume so that she could anoint the feet of Jesus. The perfume on the inside of the box had a wonderful smell that would eventually fill the room. But, this perfume was sealed (hidden) inside the alabaster box. These boxes were sealed with wax in order to keep the fragrance from escaping. You could place your nose on the box and still could not know what was inside. In order to allow her to fill the room with its wonderful smell, she had to break open the box. That's how those hidden treasures work. Your closest family and friends can be right next to you, and never know what God has placed inside of you. That is, until you break open the box. Until you break past the doubt and fear that contains the fragrance, that if exposed to the world, can fill it with a wonderful experience.

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