God has given every church a specific niche. Our niche is to enrich and empower the lives of everyone we contact. Enrichment is the realization of one’s full potential. We want to create an environment through which our members set and achieve goals within both spiritual and natural arenas. We understand that God has stored in Heaven riches that our eyes could not comprehend, and through His Spirit has given us Eternal Life. We also understand that the marvelous Eternal Life that He has prearranged for us begins right here on earth. Joy, peace, wealth, and prosperity are all things that we can have right now. Our mission is to make sure that we not only tell the world this great news, but outline a plan that they might achieve such greatness.

Once their lives have been enriched, they must be empowered. Jesus has commissioned all believers to spread the Gospel to the entire world. How else will anyone know that Jesus saves unless we tell them? However, so many people fell under qualified to spread the Good News. It is up to us to make sure they not only have the knowledge necessary to teach, but the confidence as well.

Our philosophy is that people will respond to things they trust. Church growth is not simply a matter of driving people through the doors. It is also a matter of retention and individual personal growth.

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