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Our overall vision comes from a dream that I had of our oldest son, Ethan, years ago when he was just a baby.  It was also around the time when we had just started the ministry.  I saw him in a field, all by himself.  There were no trees, no grass, nothing else there but him.  There was nothing in the background other than a hazy, reddish-gray fog.  In this vision, I saw that my son was fighting with all that he had.  I could not see what he was fighting.  I could not tell how the fight was progressing.  I knew only that my son was giving it everything that he had.  It was then that I realized that one day he would be in a fight in which mommy and daddy would not be there to help.  And it was then that I knew that I had to do all that I could to prepare him for that battle.  In my spirit, I knew that this also went for our new congregation of saints.  Long after we’re gone, those we leave behind would have to be prepared to fight.  That means, not only will they have to be spiritually equipped, but they’ll need a physical support network. 

Our Vision:

“Preparing the way for the generations that follow.”

Our Scriptural Foundation:

Joshua 4:1-3, 6-7 (NLT)

4 When all the people had crossed the Jordan, the Lord said to Joshua, 2 “Now choose twelve men, one from each tribe. 3 Tell them, ‘Take twelve stones from the very place where the priests are standing in the middle of the Jordan.’”… 6 We will use these stones to build a memorial. In the future your children will ask you, ‘What do these stones mean?’ 7 Then you can tell them, ‘They remind us that the Jordan River stopped flowing when the Ark of the Lord’s Covenant went across.’ These stones will stand as a memorial among the people of Israel forever.”


Our ministry is formed on the foundation that we all are created equal. No one part is greater than the whole. We serve the same God and are all subject to His divine rule and sovereignty. We will use practical applications of biblical theology to win our daily battles. We will be sound in doctrine and spiritual truths, be successful in our purpose, be debt free, and be able to articulate our testimony in detail; whereby future generations may see our testimony as a model of how to achieve success for themselves. We will fight for ourselves as well as for our youth. We will leave no one behind.


We are alive! We have asked for those things only our imaginations could conceive. We have obtained those things for which we truly believed. We have come through life’s distresses with dignity and honor. We have persevered as others faltered. We are bold and shameless in our pursuit of Godliness. We expect greatness from all who we encounter. We expect blessings to spring forth from the most obscure places. We do not dream of what could have been, but envision those things to come. We are inspired by the opportunity to share God’s revelations. We are driven by the responsibility to make sure it happens. While others sleep, we dare not. We will answer the call and perform the duties necessary in Kingdom building. We will engage ourselves in a nationwide ministry that will awake others from their slumber. We will not fail, we will not quit...we will wake the dead!

God has given every church a specific niche. Our niche is to enrich and empower the lives of everyone we contact. Enrichment is the realization of one’s full potential. We want to create an environment through which our members set and achieve goals within both spiritual and natural arenas. We understand that God has stored in Heaven riches that our eyes could not comprehend, and through His Spirit has given us Eternal Life. We also understand that the marvelous Eternal Life that He has prearranged for us begins right here on earth. Joy, peace, wealth, and prosperity are all things that we can have right now. Our mission is to make sure that we not only tell the world this great news, but outline a plan that they might achieve such greatness.

Once their lives have been enriched, they must be empowered. Jesus has commissioned all believers to spread the Gospel to the entire world. How else will anyone know that Jesus saves unless we tell them? However, so many people fell under qualified to spread the Good News. It is up to us to make sure they not only have the knowledge necessary to teach, but the confidence as well.

Our philosophy is that people will respond to things they trust. Church growth is not simply a matter of driving people through the doors. It is also a matter of retention and individual personal growth.

Statement of Beliefs


This church subscribes to the doctrinal statement of Second Generation Fellowship Church as adopted by the founders, Rodney and Lisa LaBruce.

  1. We believe that the Holy Bible, consisting of the sixty six books of the Old and New Testaments, is the inspired and infallible Word of God, the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of man, and the Divine and final authority for Christian faith and life.

  2. We believe in the one, true, eternal, and living God, self-existing in three distinct persons - the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

  3. We believe God is the creator and sustainer of all creation.

  4. We believe that Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary; that in Him perfect humanity and deity is found in person; that He is the only mediator between God and man; that He was crucified on the cross and His blood was shed for the sins of all mankind to fulfill the requirement of God and of the Law; that He was bodily-raised from the dead, ascended into heaven and will return to earth imminently and bodily according to His promise, to judge the living and the dead.

  5. We believe in the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Godhead, who is of one substance, equal in power, and coexistent with the Father and the Son; that His ministry is to convict men of their sins, lead them to a saving faith in Christ, regenerate and indwell believers at the point of salvation, and continue to indwell, guide, teach, discipline, comfort and empower for godly living and service.

  6. We believe that man was created in the image of God; that in Adam all men have fallen into sin, and as sinners men are in need of God's salvation from the eternal punishment of hell.

  7. We believe that salvation of mankind depends solely on the finished work of Christ on the cross once and for all as the atonement for the sins of men; that by God's Grace penitent sinners who place their faith in the saving work of the risen Christ are regenerated and justified.

  8. We believe in the Baptism of the person through the full immersion in water.

  9. We believe that there shall be a bodily resurrection of the just to eternal life, and of the unjust to eternal punishment.

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