Our overall vision comes from a dream that I had of our oldest son, Ethan, years ago when he was just a baby.  It was also around the time when we had just started the ministry.  I saw him in a field, all by himself.  There were no trees, no grass, nothing else there but him.  There was nothing in the background other than a hazy, reddish-gray fog.  In this vision, I saw that my son was fighting with all that he had.  I could not see what he was fighting.  I could not tell how the fight was progressing.  I knew only that my son was giving it everything that he had.  It was then that I realized that one day he would be in a fight in which mommy and daddy would not be there to help.  And it was then that I knew that I had to do all that I could to prepare him for that battle.  In my spirit, I knew that this also went for our new congregation of saints.  Long after we’re gone, those we leave behind would have to be prepared to fight.  That means, not only will they have to be spiritually equipped, but they’ll need a physical support network. 

Therefore, the first part of our vision is to ensure that we, and those who come after us are spiritually equipped to fight the intense battles to come.  The battles I speak of are not those that generate a little discomfort and frustration.   I’m not even speaking of those battles that have a tremendous impact on your entire household.  The battles that I’m talking about are those that are tied to the end of days.  The battles that are driven by the enemy of heaven, and directed at the children of the Most High.  Those battles are intense, and they are near.  Our vision is to awaken the sinner as well as the saint, to the realities of the times in which we are living.  To awaken those who are dead to the Spirit, as well as those who are sleeping in its presence. 

The second part of our vision is to provide the physical support network for believers to tap into during those intense spiritual battles to come.  That support network will involve us entering into several strategic industries:  Communication, Banking, Energy, Education, and Transportation.  Through becoming active in these industries, the Christian community can gain a tactical advantage when called into action.  This means that we will have to establish new businesses, start new schools, research and develop new sources of energy, open up routes for transporting goods through land, air, and sea.  And of course, we’ll have to have the ability to fund all of these vast endeavors.