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About us

We are alive! We have asked for those things only our imaginations could conceive. We have obtained those things for which we truly believed. We have come through life’s distresses with dignity and honor. We have persevered as others faltered. We are bold and shameless in our pursuit of Godliness. We expect greatness from all who we encounter. We expect blessings to spring forth from the most obscure places. We do not dream of what could have been, but envision those things to come. We are inspired by the opportunity to share God’s revelations. We are driven by the responsibility to make sure it happens. While others sleep, we dare not. We will answer the call and perform the duties necessary in Kingdom building. We will engage ourselves in a nationwide ministry that will awake others from their slumber. We will not fail, we will not quit...we will wake the dead!

our pastors:
Rodney LaBruce

Lead Pastor

Terri LaBruce

Youth Director

Lisa LaBruce
Frederick Jones II

Worship Arts Director

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